Why Blue Band is an Essential Part of Breakfast

Making a good breakfast each day is easy with Blue Band!

Because Blue Band is a spread, it goes well with other pastes, jams, meaty spreads or cheese spreads. Why is this important? We know that kids can be fussy and each child likes different kinds of food—so in this way we can ensure that our kids are getting a good breakfast with Blue Band AND choosing their favourite topping to go with it.

We know that children need the right foods necessary for health and growth, but how can we ensure that they start the day with a healthy and filling breakfast? Well, Blue Band provides just what they need. A slice of toast with a layer of Blue Band already contains minerals and fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) that are important for a child’s growth, such as improving eyesight, energy levels and general health.

You can always add a protein-rich spread such as a vegetable, fish or cheese paste for an even more filling breakfast that kids love. It’s so easy with Blue Band, whenever your kids (or you!) feel like a healthy snack, simply spread a layer of Blue Band on a wholegrain slice of bread or toast and you’ll feel your energy levels going up , and your taste buds will be happy.

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