What in the World is Nutrition?

Understanding why nutrition is important.

Nutrition, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. And involves identifying how certain diseases, conditions or problems may be caused by a person’s diet. In other words, it is how we know what we feed our bodies – vitamins, minerals, oils and fats – to make sure that we stay healthy and alive.

Good Food & Bad Food
Basically, good food is fresh food – nothing you shouldn’t eat raw, while bad food is almost always processed food – food that has been changed by man or machine. The reason for this is that processed food has been changed completely. All of its cells have been damaged by one process or another. While fresh food is just as nature intended it to be. That’s why Blue Band is so spectacular, because even though it is processed, it is made to do one specific job: provide you with the nutrients you need!

The Effects
Firstly, good food and bad food have two totally different effects on the human body. So, let’s start with the good food. Good food provides you with all the nutrition that your body depends on. It is simpler food that the body digests very easily, whether it has been cooked or not. It is fresh food you can find at the grocery or market of your choice, that you can turn into a specific meal or eat as is. Bad food is what you find at fast food restaurants. Things like sugar-rich foods, coffee, cheese-heavy meals, carbohydrates (pasta or white rice), saturated fats, boneless chicken (chicken nuggets) and anything deep-fried are a few examples. They are tougher for your body to digest and usually result in alarmingly rapid, and uncomfortable weight gain.

Food that tastes good
Unfortunately, food that’s easy to buy and delicious is not great for you – unless it’s Blue Band. It is much healthier to shop regularly and cook yourself a fresh dish, made from fresh ingredients. There are millions of meals for you to prepare yourself if you prioritise shopping instead of eating out. One example of this is Blue Band. Keeping it in your fridge and using it to prepare anything you desire is a sure fire way to increase your nutrient intake, and eat a great meal whenever you’re hungry.

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