Unhealthy Comfort Foods

Fried Dishes You Should Avoid

Deep fried food is possibly one of the most popular food types in the world! Packed with flavour, the magical food fryer can turn even the blandest ingredients into a delicious meal. But, as delicious as fried food is, deep frying your food can be unbelievably unhealthy for you due to the large quantity of bad fats it deposits into our food.

Fats are a basic part of our diets. They are a nutrient that we all need to eat in order for our bodies to work properly, and they are known to be very advantageous to having a healthy heart. But not all fats are good for us – the fats that we get from food sources like nuts, seeds, fish and some vegetables(known as polyunsaturated fats) are indeed good for us, while the fats we get from deep frying food in oils (called trans fats) are bad for us and can cause health issues.

You are much better off roasting, baking, grilling, steaming or sautéing your food instead of sending it to the deep fryer. Food fryers dramatically increase the amount of fat and calories in any meal, and rob food of its wonderful nutrients – it’s true. Sadly this turns the food into an unhealthy indulgence; not a nutritious meal for your family. A much healthier option is to simply sauté or pan fry your food in Blue Band Margarine, as it retains the delicious flavour but cuts out the unhealthy element.

Here are a few examples of deep fried foods that you should cut down on, and the risks associated with them:

Although its outside layer adds a truly tasty element to the dish, and the pecan nuts used in the crunchy coating provide healthy fats, it is important to remember that the oil that it is deep fried in takes away this once healthy element, replacing it with a bad fats that you can do without.

Try to avoid eating this deep fried Kenyan classic on a regular basis. Although this delicious dish can serve as the perfect snack when paired with a tasty homemade chutney, bhajia is deep friend and therefore packed with the fats that are bad for your body. 

 Although fish is indeed a brain food, when it is battered up and deep friend, all of its nutritious elements are tainted by the fatty oils. Rather opt for a grilled version when preparing this delicious fish dish.

Steak can be prepared in many different ways – over the fire, grilled in the oven, seared in a hot pan, or country-fried in oil. We recommend staying clear of country-frying your steak, and rather utilising one of the other methods. When you deep fry a protein rich piece of steak, it not only looses a large amount of its nutritional value, but acquires and oily taste and texture. Rather lightly place this coated delight into a thin layer of Blue Band Margarine and pan-fry it to perfection.

Part of the problem with deep fried food is that at high heats the oil changes structure and results in trans fats which are bad for your health.

Here are a few of the risks involved with eating too much deep fried food:

Do your best to cut as many deep fried foods as possible out of your diet for a heart happy life.


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