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What to Expect From Your Teenager

As your children become teenagers they will go through the 4 later periods of emotional development. This can be a tough time, and often leads to some unfortunate situations at home. To prepare you for this era, here is a brief explanation of what you can expect:

1) Dealing with Identity
For most teenagers, this time is a psychological nightmare, making it difficult to answer the question: “Who am I?” Teenagers explore many roles in this time, and tend to look for someone that fits their idea of a leader, which may not be you. Do your best to be supportive during this period, but do not let your teenager get away with anything and everything.

2) Being Intimate
As a young adult, your child will finally be able to truly experience true love and true intimacy. This intimacy and love will range from friendships to relationships and even a few failures in the dating game, so make sure you’re supportive during this rather interesting and testing stage of life.

3) Caring About Others
In the early stages of adulthood, your children are going to show you how they think and feel about others – people they know and don’t know. This indicates how self-absorbed or unselfish they really are. Be sure to pay close attention to them during this stage, and guide them towards a healthy, happy relationship with the world around them.

4) The Age of Wisdom
Around the twenty-year-old mark is the age of wisdom. For some it comes a little later in their twenties, but it is a very important phase for two reasons: reflection and appreciation. This is when your kids reflect on their childhood and appreciate all that you have done for them. All you have to do is sit back, and enjoy every moment.

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