Large Motor Games

Improving Gross Motor Skills

As your kids grow they will need to learn all of the fun and exciting ways they can use their body. And this type of fun requires a little more than their finely tuned fine motor skills. In fact, it may require skills that are known as ‘gross motor skills’.

To prepare them for this, we have selected some fun games for you to play as a family that will help them nurture and mature their gross motor skills, so that they can have as much fun as possible.

Here are the games:

Night Owl
Essentially a scavenger hunt, but in the dark! What you do is, hide different ‘treasures’ around the house when it’s dark (perfect for winter), give each of your kids a torch and have them search the house for their prizes. This is great for overall gross motor skill development and out of the box thinking.

Tape Road
A fun way to practice concentration, balance and large muscle motor skills! To play Tape Road, get some masking tape and tape a road through a room in your house (or your whole house!), and have your child navigate it. Whether they’re pretending to drive or driving a plastic push car, they will have an absolute blast, and exercise most of the muscle groups they need to develop.

Newspaper Basketball
Fun and perfect for a rainy day, Newspaper Basketball is an easy game to set up and clean up. Grab a bunch of newspapers and crumple up all the pages you can. Then, grab a bin or small cardboard box and put it somewhere safe for you to throw paper balls at it. Every time someone gets the ball in the bin they have to take a step backwards and the one who gets the most balls in wins.

Balloon Tennis
Everyone loves this game. Grab a balloon, blow it up and knock it around until it falls to the floor. Another game that stimulates hand-eye coordination development, Balloon Tennis is an international classic that we highly recommend.

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