Ignite Your Child’s Creativity

Unlock Your Child’s Creative Treasure Chest

Igniting your child’s creativity is very important to their happiness and confidence. Every child has creativity in them which is just waiting to be unlocked. The sooner you help them get in touch with it, the happier they’ll be. Not only that, but creativity will help with their overall development. Read on to learn how you can spark a creative fire in your child.

  • One of the easiest ways to help your child develop creativity is by allowing them the freedom to make their own choices. When it comes to getting dressed for school, let them pick out their favourite outfit options the evening before. Be sure to also weigh in with your input, and let them know if a certain article of clothing is out of the question.
  • Encourage your kids to be more independent in their daily lives – don’t allow them to always rely on the TV or a caregiver for entertainment. Send them outside or give them a fun problem to solve on their own.
  • Drive creativity by activating your child’s senses and providing new and interesting stimuli. Expose them to different tastes, interesting sights, varying surfaces to touch, intriguing smells, and exciting sounds. This can be as simple as giving them a slice of lemon to investigate, or taking them somewhere that is inherently interesting, like a harbour. If you can’t leave home that’s not a problem, activate their senses and their minds with questions; what would this smell like, what would that sound like, etc.

Above all else, give your child the freedom to explore and experience new things. This does not mean you have to give them free reign, but allow them to discover things and figure them out on their own.

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