From Homework to Fun-work

4 ways to make homework fun

Do you remember the good old days of daily homework? We certainly do. More time at your desk. More time in front of your books. More time to use all the knowledge you learnt earlier in the day. Sometimes it’s great, but other times it can be a bit boring. Particularly for kids who love to spend time playing with their friends outside. Read on for four highly recommended methods to make your child’s end-of-day work a lot more entertaining.

  • Set a Schedule

Very few kids will walk in the door and start their work right away. They need a break after a full day of school. So set up a schedule for your child(ren) to turn to when they get home. This way they’ll know how much time they should use to play and how much they should use to work. It will make it much easier for them to enjoy the end of school and make the most of their workload.

  • Work on their Workspace

A dedicated homework friendly area is one of the best ways to help children stay focused on what they need to do. Ways to make this space really effective include limiting distractions – no cell phone – personalising it to suit your child’s personality (colourful paper, drawing boards, etc.) and giving them plenty of desk space. Create a space where they can relax and work at their own pace.

  • Time to Move!

When active children need to release some of their energy there is next to nothing that will help them concentrate. So, if your child needs it, let them take a break from their homework after each task is completed to go for a run or spend some time playing. It will help them release their energy and calm down, making it much easier for them to concentrate.

  • One Bite at a Time.

As your child works through their daily homework, they’re sure to slowly get hungry and distracted –brains need to be fed with more than information alone. To help them stay focused, serve up a small and tasty Blue Band snack, like a slice of toast or some ugali. It’s a delicious way to help them get back the much needed brain-boosting energy they need to see that their homework is finished.


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