Fantastic Fives (A Year of Growth)

Five ways to cater to your five-year-old

The year a child turns five is usually the year they become a little more independent, and aware of what they do and don’t like. They build up this information over the first four years’ of life, and by their fifth birthday, they have a relatively well-rounded idea of what they will and will not eat.

However, you can’t sit back and watch your son or daughter miss out on the opportunity to discover a few new tasty treats. So, here’s how you introduce them to a few out of the box eats:

1) Eat everything you want them to eat. Be it food you know they like or food they’ve never tasted, eat everything in front of them to show them how delicious it is.

2) Praise them for being adventurous! Instead of getting angry when they won’t eat something, make an effort to be unbelievably proud of your child when they experiment.

3) Accept substitutes or disguise the ‘yucky bits’. Find a way to feed your fusspot the food they need by offering them something different, or hiding it under the ‘yummy stuff’.

4) Beef up breakfast with Blue Band. Toast with Blue Band (alone or with something else) will help your kids get the recommended daily intake of vital vitamins and nutrients they need.

5) Make them play. A hungry, happy child is much more likely to wolf down everything in front of them than a grump.

Just like they know being good from being bad, your young one needs to know the good food from the bad. It is very important for their development mentally and physically, because their body relies on receiving the right vitamins to grow.


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