Emotional Development

Helping Your Child’s Emotional Development

Every child goes through emotional development from a very early age, and it’s important for you to know what to expect. Here is a basic explanation of the child development stages that your child will go through from the time they are born, until their early school years:

1. To Trust or Not to Trust
This is a very important milestone and age, because it helps guide the rest of a child’s growth. During a child’s first two years of life they will learn to be optimistic and trusting, or suspicious and unsure of the world. Children that are loved and nurtured during this age tend to be happier, and more trusting of their environment.

2. Can I?
This period usually happens between 18 months and 2 years of age, and leads children to either be proud of themselves or ashamed of their actions.

3. The Eye of The Tiger
This occurs during the “play age” (from about 3 ½) and it teaches kids to do things on their own. They learn to imagine, co-operate, feel guilty, when to depend on adults and when to depend on themselves.

4. Hello, My Name is…
Normally during the “school age”, this period of development is when a child starts to master life skills. The nurtured child will learn to relate with peers, play more complicated games with friends (soccer), explore mathematics and start to enjoy reading.

As your child gets older they will go through many more developmental milestones, especially when they reach the end of high school. To learn more about the milestones you can expect, make sure you read, Making it Big.

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