Early Bird Development

4 reasons early education is important

Starting a child’s education before they go to school is great! This could give your child the head start they need to excel at school before they’ve even put on their first pair of school shoes.

We’ve listed 4 benefits of an early bird education you might consider.

  • An Early Boost

According to research in the USA, children that enjoy preschool education are often better behaved as well as faster learners when they finally go to ‘big’ school. It helps them start to develop key skills they will need later in life. In doing so, this early boost makes it easier for them to adapt to life after preschool and enjoy a healthier school experience.

  • Socialising 101

To learn how to spend time with others is a major part of the preschool experience. One that greatly reduces the time it takes for kids to start feeling socially capable at the next school they go to. But this works two ways. Either early learners develop the foundation for a successful social experience at school, or they learn to focus on their education. Something to think about.

  • Respect

Beyond the respect young children learn at home from their parents, they also need to be taught how to treat elders and friends. Preschool is a great way to reinforce this. Kids are constantly interacting with their peers and older teachers who come from different walks of life. This also teaches them the basics of sharing and learning from others.

  • Confidence

As children learn new things, work in teams and make new friends they automatically start to trust themselves and their abilities. These are the first signs of a child that’s growing into a smart and confident human being. This is a critical part of their early, personal development – by nurturing this stage of their growth you are doing your best to make sure your child grows up believing they can succeed.


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