Happiness Helps Kids Grow

Happiness plays a big role in your child’s life and development. Happy kids tend to make more friends, be more confident and welcome the world with open arms. And you – as a parent – play a huge role in your child’s happiness. That’s why it’s so important to be caring, nurturing, patient and considerate when it come to their diet.

Take our Happy Kids poll below to find out what makes a happy child and how you can help your child be happier.

Shy children are not happy children, they are shy because the world scares them

Shy children simply have a dip in confidence and being shy does not have anything to do with their happiness. They simply prefer to be quiet.

By spending a lot of time with my kids I teach them to be confident and caring

Children mostly learn from those around them. Spending time with your children will teach them all the values that you would like them to embody. Your children adopt many of your traits just by watching you while you spend time together.

Happiness helps my child’s brain develop and handle stress

If a child is happier, they think more positively and then stress does not affect them as much. Happiness is essential for brain development as they will have a more positive outlook in the future.

Diet has a role to play in my child’s happiness because good food give their body the nutrients and vitamins it needs

Diet and happiness are directly tied together. A child who eats well will be happy and will develop well.

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