Good development starts with a Good Breakfast

To help children grow strong and healthy, they need a Good Breakfast. A Good Breakfast keeps them going throughout the day so that they can excel at school and sports. Adding essential vitamins to their Good Breakfast ensures that children’s brains and bones develop fully. A big and strong child means a happy child.

Did you know that omega 3 & 6 have to be ingested and is not produced by the body? Other vitamins that can be found in food that are good for growth in children are Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 & B12, Vitamin D as well as Niacin and Folic Acid. These essentials can be found inside Blue Band, giving you a Good Breakfast and healthy little ones.

Which vitamins are produced by the body?

There are not many vitamins that are produced by the body and that is why we have to take them in with the foods that we eat. A good diet plays a vital role in taking in the vitamins that your body needs.

How can you add more to your Good Breakfast?

A good breakfast can make your day. Adding more to your breakfast means that your day starts on the right note and so that you and your children can live fully during the day.

Finish the sentence: With a Good Breakfast…

With a good breakfast and a full tummy, children will do well at school. Good nutrition helps children develop to their full potential, making them big and strong.

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