For children, a better future starts with a Good Breakfast. If kids don’t have a Good Breakfast they struggle to concentrate at school and achieve their dreams. So how do we make sure that all of Kenya’s children get the breakfast they need? We start by identifying and understanding the problem.

Did you know that 45% of Kenyan children only drink tea for breakfast? That’s almost half of the population of the kids in the country. But tea does not have all the necessary nutrition in it to fuel a growing body, boost a child’s brain function and help them achieve at school. Children who don’t have a Good Breakfast become tired quickly and struggle to make the most of the day, because they haven’t eaten a meal that will give them the energy they need to focus and learn. They need a Good Breakfast to get the nutrition and energy they need to concentrate and learn. Take our multiple choice quiz to learn more about a Good Breakfast.

A) What would you say is a Good Breakfast for children?

Yes, that is a Good Breakfast because it contains a variety of foods from the different food groups and provides the recommended nutrient for your kids. Prepare it for your children and it will help them concentrate at school.
The right answer is: c. A Good Breakfast consists of a variety of foods that give children good, healthy energy.

B) How does a Good Breakfast help children at school?

Well done! That’s exactly how a Good Breakfast helps children at school.
The right answer is: b. A Good Breakfast helps children concentrate and learn at school.

C) Finish this sentence: A better future, starts with…

That’s right. A better future, starts with a Good Breakfast! Thank you for completing the Blue Band Good Breakfast quiz.
The right answer is: a. A better future, starts with a Good Breakfast. Take the quiz again to see what you’ve learnt.
A better future starts with a good breakfast. Are you giving your child a Good Breakfast? Click here to find out now. Sign up to receive Good Breakfast tips and advice via SMS.

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