Deliciously Healthy School Lunch

Food for a healthy, happy learner.

Depending on what your kid eats at school, their concentration levels after lunch time will either improve of disappear altogether. Their mind will be tired and in need of some well-deserved snacks to refuel their body. But, what do you feed them? Give them too much sugar and they may battle to concentrate. Too little, and they’ll be uninterested because their mind is out of fuel.

Here are three great meals to prepare your kids for school, to help them concentrate all day.

The Lunch of Champions
To make the ultimate school lunch, prepare a whole grain sandwich with Blue Band spread, a mashed hard-boiled egg, quartered cherry tomatoes and low-fat mayonnaise, plus some fruit on the side as an additional snack.

Full of protein, anti-oxidants and flavour, this sandwich is sure to give your kid all the midday energy they need to focus for the rest of the day.

Trusty Chicken!
Chicken is the perfect lunch meat. It’s not too heavy and it’s full of energy. To make sure your child enjoys a delicious chicken meal, make them a scrumptious chicken salad and add 2 slices of bread, with Blue Band spread so that they can assemble a sandwich if need be.

What’s Cracking?
Whole-grain crackers are always a great addition to a child’s lunch box, because they go well with almost anything. Add some humus (or yogurt), sliced banana, baby carrots and maybe a little chicken and your child will be ready to feast as soon as hunger strikes.

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