‘A’ is For a Healthier Family

4 Reasons to Eat Vitamin A

From the time your children are big enough to eat ‘real’ food (not breastfeeding) it’s important for their diet to include a variety of vitamins. Each vitamin does a very specific job for the body; they’re a really important part of young children’s daily dietary needs. Particularly Vitamin A. It helps their immune system, eyes, and many other parts of their bodies.

Read on for four rewarding reasons to serve your family more vitamin A.

Our immune system requires quite a bit of vitamin A, meaning that without enough of it in our diets, we could easily become sick. Vitamin A supports and strengthens your family by adding more to your child’s diet, which will boost their immune system and protect them from illness.

Vitamin A plays a special role in protecting your eyes by working with other vitamins and minerals to protect us from age-related blindness. In fact, a study by the National Eye Institute (USA) found that people with a healthy amount of vitamin A in their diet had a lower chance of losing their eyesight as they grew older.

Vitamin A also helps your skin repair itself. So it’s very important that active children who like to run around or play sport get their share of vitamin A – this will make sure they heal as quickly as possible. Healthy skin is one of the best ways to protect children from illness and keep them healthy and happy.

Vitamin A loves fat – it needs fat for it to be absorbed easily by the body. Which, for kids and adults, is really important. But not all fat is good for you, so you need to make sure you eat the right kind of fat to stay healthy, such as Blue Band. The perfect combination of fats, vitamins and minerals, a healthy serving of Blue Band is a great way to help your body absorb vitamin A, other fat soluble vitamins too and stay healthy.


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